Regular Events

Founder's Birthday
  • Celebration of Prof. S. N. Bose's Birth Anniversary
  • 1st January
Foundation Day
  • Celebration of Establishment Day of Parishad
  • 25th January
Death Anniversary
  • Our beloved Sir Satyendra Nath Bose expired in this very day
  • 4th February
National Science Day
  • Celebration of National Science Day
  • 28th February
World Environment Day
  • Celebration of World Environment Day
  • 5th June
Hiroshima Day
  • The day Hiroshima was destroyed by application of Nuclear Weapon
  • 6th August
Independence Day
  • Celebration of Country's freedom after British rule of 200 years
  • 15th August
Jnan-O-Bignaner Asor
  • Annual Event of Jnan-o-Bijnan
  • 2nd Saturday of December